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When Kristin Pierce began her self-publishing journey with an assisted self publisher, she never had a clue what was coming next. Self-publishing didn't come with a roadmap. There was no blueprint of how the process worked, how to best prepare, or how to expedite the process. Kristin was constantly flying blind until she was thrown into the next stage, which proved to be inefficient, stressful, and wildly frustrating.

After an excruciatingly difficult experience in publishing her first two books in 2018, she was determined to create a different experience of self-publishing. So, she learned all she could and set off on her own to publish her next children's books. In 2019, she poured her heart and soul into marketing which helped her third book climbed the Amazon bestseller charts, bringing her other two titles along for the ride. With three children's books and a memoir in the works for 2020, it's safe to say that Kristin now understands the self-publishing process inside and out.

In receiving countless messages from aspiring authors who were full of questions, Kristin knew it was time to share her learnings, her techniques, and her understanding of self-publishing to empower those who had a message to share, too. She tested, refined, and streamlined her self-publishing processes down to a tee in order to educate, guide, and empower aspiring authors in creating a book they can be proud of.

The Author Atlas takes the guess work out of self-publishing, saving you from wasted time, painful frustration, paralyzing overwhelm, spinning your wheels and the headache of doing it all the hard way. This program is designed to meet you where you are at and assist you every step of the way.

If you are ready to learn the ropes of self-publishing, then you've come to the right place.

The Author Atlas is the self-publishing roadmap that you've been looking for. Whether you've already published, are ready to begin, or are wanting to refine your processes, your next step begins here.


"Kristin has such a wealth of knowledge for self publishing. Her knowledge has helped and encouraged me on my journey of publishing my own book. I would recommend Kristin to anyone who is looking to publish their book at any stage. Thank you, Kristin, for your gentle push to brake through my own barriers."

- Kari Beyer, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Artist, and soon-to-be Author